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Cameron Scofield

singer - actress- dancer

About Me

From the Peach State to the Big Apple! From an early age, I was involved in theater. As a child, my mother toted me to her rehearsals where my passion for theater began. Mostly, I liked correcting my mother on her lines but performing quickly replaced that desire. From pageants to cheerleading, to county fairs, I always knew my future would be in theater. Through participating in my high school drama club and attending the CAP21 summer intensive, I decided to pursue theater professionally. I boldly made the move from a small rural town to the city of dreams where I attend CAP21 Molloy College and am going to receive a BFA in Theatre Arts come May 2020. While I'll always love my southern roots I currently reside in New York City where you can find me hanging out with friends and petting as many dogs as I can!





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