Hey, I’m

Cameron Scofield

singer - actress- dancer


About Me

Being from a small rural town my exposure to theatre came from my beloved Habersham Community Theatre. My mother toted me to her rehearsals where I was given the VHS of Guys and Dolls and thus began my love of Musical Theatre. What solidified my future career was staring as orphan Annie at HCT, from that first bow I knew exactly what I wanted. From pageants to cheerleading, to county fairs, I always knew my future would be in theater. I boldly made the move from the boonies to the city of dreams where I attended CAP21 Molloy College and received a B.F.A in Theatre Arts Cum Laude. Due to Covid I recently made the hike back to the Peach State where I currently reside in Atlanta. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the set locations of Stranger Things and others! Check out the vlog :)